Cutting of profile metal with the band saw

Cutting with the band saw means mechanical way of handling profile pipes, U-sections, angle sections and other metal with the band saw strained on two sheaves inside the bench.

The main advantage of cutting metal with the band saw is the extreme accuracy of a process and no thermal forces effect on metal. Differently from the flame cutting, the band saw eliminates scaling, the cutting process results in even and clean cut, without notches or lapping. Blanks in necessary sizes, complete at necessary angles are fully ready for turning works. Besides, treating of forged layer allows significant saving of the instruments, which is especially relevant for alloy steel. NB! Cutting with the band saw helps reduce loss of metal by way of making cutting less wide. It eliminates the acute problem with the expensive composite metals.

Our saw bands ensure the ideal quality of the cut surface. The hi-tech equipment and the newest technologies allow our specialists to achieve the top-notch quality and the accuracy of cutting.

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