The crop shear is the easiest and the most popular way of separation of sheets. Cutting of metal with the crop shear also allows manufacturer to get quite accurate and tidy cut. This is a traditional and time-proven way of cutting metal sheets when no cutting of the complex shapes is required. Cutting with the crop shear is a process of mechanical treatment of metal in which metal sheet is placed between the crop shear blades. Cutting of metal is done when the upper knife is lowered down.

Cutting accuracy with the crop shear scissors is achieved due to the pressure mechanism. Cutting with the crop shear can be done at different angles, in longitudinal and latitudinal directions towards a sheet of metal. The crop shear cutting is simple and economic and cutting can be done in the shortest time. That is why the crop shear cutting is widely used in many industrial processes.

Shearer who works on the crop shear or other cutting instrument must have considerable work experience and theoretical knowledge. Inexperienced cutter who lacks practical skills may damage metal sheet. The first rule of the accurate cutting requires the correct grind of the crop shear. When working with crop shear cutter should carefully follow job safety rules. Cutting of metal with this instrument is done quite rapidly, and it is relevant in mass production of details, e.g. framework details and other similar products.

Cutting metal with the crop shear is an independent technological process and at the same time – one of the stages of metal products manufacture. The Deil Metall offers the quality and prompt crop shear cutting for rolled metal products with thickness from 4 mm to 20 mm and cutting length up to 3 metres.

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