Technological process of metal welding involves welding of metal parts. Welding of metals is applied everywhere and is used in the first place in metalworking, in many areas it has replaced riveting and split bolted connections. Manufacture of ships, turbines, bridges involves welding procedures.

Our company also provides metal welding services. We only work with the high-tech equipment, which guarantees the quality welding of materials. The technology of metal welding has not undergone major changes over the years.



However, every year the number of new welding equipment appear which exceeds performance characteristics of the devices of the previous generation. The Deil Metall is oriented on services of exceptional quality. We regularly carry out monitoring of the welding equipment market and keep our equipment up-to-date in order to exceed your expectations. In addition, we use welding rods from leading suppliers delivered with the relevant warrantee documentation.

And last, but not least. No expensive equipment may ensure satisfactory performance, if welding operator lacks high qualification. The role of the qualified operator in cold welding of metals cannot be overestimated. Seek for professionals who have previously demonstrated such qualification. Apply to the Deil Metall – all of our welders are internationally certified professionals.

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