The flame cutting of metal

The flame, or gas, cutting is one of the oldest methods of pattern cutting of rolled metal, beams, U-sections, pipes and other rolled metal.  The flame (oxygen) cutting is a very popular method. It is done by exposing steel to the influence of the clean oxygen flow at the increased temperatures reaching 1200 — 1300°С. In the process of electro-gas welding the chemical reaction between steel and oxygen ensures high temperature for localized melting. The flame cutting is used for rough plate, and this is its main advantage, as the flame cutting can be applied where cutting with the crop shear or the shearing press is impossible.

Job of electric and gas welder is a really skilful craft and it requires a lot of effort, the workmanship comes as the years go by. In the  Deil Metall working with metal is only trusted to the professionals. The Deil Metall company has opportunities to do the flame cutting of metal sheets up to 100 mm thick. We are ready to do flame cutting of carbon steel in any size, in accordance to your drawings. Work is done by fully qualified specialists who possess considerable experience. All flame cutting operations are done promptly and in a quality manner.

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