Some interesting facts about metal and welding

Electric arch was first discovered back in the year of 1802, later on the phenomena which take place in the arch were studied and described. After that the arch found its practical application. Since 1881 it was used for welding and separating steel details. 10 years later welding was developed using electric arch with electrode in molten state. The first workshop where welding works were done opened in 1883 in Perm, Russia.

  • Welding can be done using electric arch, gas flame, laser radiation, electronic beam, rubbing, ultra-sound.
  • A sculpture “Mother Motherland” in Kiew is the all-welded structure which weighs 450 tons, and the total length of welded joints makes about 30 kilometres.
  • The highest welding temperature of burning is 5000 °C
  • In the open space the un-oxidized metal sticks.

This is the real fact, though it is not a problem for the NASA: even if you take from the Earth into the Space already acidified device, it will be covered in a protective film and will not stick.

  • The most common metal in the Earth’s soil is aluminium. However, in terms of the whole planet, iron is the absolute leader among metals since it makes the major share of the Earth’s core.
  • Iron is the sixth of the most common elements in the whole Universe. On the Earth iron takes the fourth place.
  • Rhodium is the most expensive natural metal whose cost exceeds 175 thousand dollars. Platinum comes the second, and gold is the third.
  • A single metal which can maintain liquid state at the room temperature is mercury.
  • Tungsten has the highest melting point, which explains why the metal is used as spiral in incandescent lamps.
  • The most expensive metal ever made by human is californium 252. The estimated price is 6 500 000 US $ for 1 gram. At the moment the mankind has in its disposal not more than 5 grams of this metal. This rare metal is produced in the powerful reactor whose capacity is limited to only 30 mg a year. Californium 252 is used in medicine in treatment of cancer; in industry for checking welded joints; in instrument engineering as indicator; scope of californium application also includes launching of reactors; it helps geologists to detect ground water flows, and so on and so forth.
  • There is a monument to a welder in Russia (see photo).