Plasma cutting of rolled metal

Apart from the flame cutting of metal, the plasma cutting has become one of the most often used methods in metallurgical engineering, construction industry, shipbuilding. The plasma cutting offers high technology treatment of rolled metal which offers the opportunity to cut blanks of different shapes and sizes with and without holes.

The plasma cutting and the flame cutting of metals are the varieties of the same technological process – thermal cutting of metals. They are based on the same work principle in which the metal is heated in the zone of cutting, with the following blowing out of metal from this zone. The plasma cutting is different from the flame cutting since the former uses the energy of gases in the plasma state, and in the latter the source of energy is provided by the fuel and the oxidizer. The plasma cutting is done not with a cutter, but using the focused plasma torch. To get plasma jet active gases (air, oxygen) and inactive gases (water vapour, nitrogen, argon, hydrogen ) are used. The active gases are used in cutting of ferrous metals, and inactive gases – for non-ferrous metals or alloys.

The plasma cutting offers a variety of obvious advantages. Due to the fact that the plasma temperature reaches 5000 – 30 000°С, absolutely different metals and their alloys can be cut. At the same time, the speed of the plasma cutting is significantly higher than that of the flame cutting and no pre-heating of metal is required. The plasma cutting is regarded to be the high-tech and the most efficient when cutting metal with thickness up to 80 mm. The plasma cutting eliminates deformation of metals, giving the accurate and the even cut edge. A smaller width of the cut means minimal loss of metal during the cutting process.

The plasma cutting is more economical than the laser cutting, however, the speed of the process in the plasma cutting is often higher. Compared to sharp abrasive water the plasma cutting has numerous advantages: better speed, better price and ecological benefits. The plasma cutting is less dangerous as there is no need in oxygen which might trigger explosion.

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