About steel structures

Due to homogeneity of the structure and their exceptional mechanical characteristics Steel structures have become one of the most demanding materials in building of structures and engineering objects.

Steel structures – structures from ferrous and non-ferrous metals, used in building of industrial, residential, shopping structures, public objects, bridges, trestles, plate structures, towers and masts, multi-storey building carcasses, crane and other movable constructions, other constructions for structures with high loads. The word “construction” itself comes from Latin (construction) and it means building, structure, mechanism.

Соrrespondingly, metal structures mean building constructions made from metal.  Steel structures form carcasses of different buildings, and are also used in inter-floor overlapping and garret floors, in line with other various parts of building. Steel structures are installed during building of new objects and restoration of the existing ones. In the construction of residential buildings steel structures are used less than when building hangars or storehouses. Though nowadays metal is even used in the room interior.

No doubt, steel structures havе numerous advantages over the structures made from other building materials.





  1. Design freedom
    The flexible technology and applicable design systems allow engineers to realize projects with clear span up to 100 metres long.
  2. Short terms of the manufacture             
    Due to implementation of the newest work management methods and application of the automated industrial and the program complexes, we may boast of really short terms of the metal structures manufacture.
  3. Reliable
    Industrial metal is peculiar for the excellent homogeneity of structure, elasticity and its relative workability.
  4. Easy to make
    Building structure is made from ready-to-use building blocks, which are quickly and easily installed in-situ with bolted connections. Installation may be done by Customer himself.
  5. Economic
    The simplicity and the speed of the structures manufacture and installation will result in decrease of costs by up to 20%.
  6. Light-weighted and easy in transportation
    Structural steel units are significantly lighter that stone, wooden or reinforced concrete structures. In addition, their excellent mechanical properties allow them to carry the higher stress applied to metal structures.
  7. Industrial approach
    The majority of steel constructions are fully or partially manufactured in the industrial conditions, so maximally fast assembly in-situ is guaranteed.
  8. Impermeability
    High density of metal means that steel is in great demand for manufacture of all sorts of capacitive equipment.

Among other exceptional characteristics of steel structures we may name the ecological safety, they are easy to maintain, they can be made under individual designs, disassembled, let alone they offer great functionality in use.

Steel structures are of great help if you need to build objects of any story factors in short terms. Thankfully to steel structures the building terms can be reduced. Since steel structures are easy to transport, fast to install and, if necessary, rapidly disassembled, their scope of application is constantly expanding throughout the world.

Steel structures can be classified according to their size, shape, method of manufacture and purpose of use. Nowadays different steel structures are used in all types of buildings and engineering feasts.


  • Steel structures for bridges and trestles;
  • Large-span shells for buildings, hangars, pavilions;
  • Steel structures for industrial building;
  • Меtal plate structures for reservoirs and tanks;
  • Меtal carcasses for multi-storey civil engineering;
  • Towers, broadcasting masts, electric power pylons and gantries;
  • Forged products and many other things.

Building of carcass structures has been known for centuries, the technology of building them was first mentioned in the beginning of the 19th century. The word carcass (Italian carcassa) means backbone, skeleton of some object, structure. The bearing structure of carcass building undertakes the main loads applied to the carcass.

Fast erected buildings and structures are normally used as shopping, industrial objects, for workshops and shelters, where industrial equipment can be installed or storehouse rooms provided. Modern technologies has changed fast erected buildings into extremely popular constructional variant as they allow to build structure (storehouse, workshop) over a short time and promptly launch products.

The structure looks like a metal carcass covered with sandwich panels. It offers a whole range of positive features whereas the major of them are the promptness and ease of construction. Sandwich panels provide heat and noise insulation, protecting the equipment from the environment.

Only professionals can guarantee Manufacture of steel structures within the established time  therefore manufacture of steel structures should be delegated to the experienced specialists.